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Welcome to Roxette Companions


Calling all esteemed connoisseurs of luxury, pleasure, and elite companionship! Have you ever dreamt of a place in Leeds where your most cherished desires can be fulfilled? Well, pinch yourself no more, for the high-class Leeds escort agency of your dreams is now here!

Welcome to our new website at Roxette Companions, where only the finest, most sophisticated, and most elite of high-class Leeds escorts await your call.

What Roxette Companions is All About

Our mission is simple: to surpass your expectations and craft experiences that linger like a cherished memory.

Distinguishing ourselves from the ordinary, Roxette Companions is your trusted haven for genuine, supreme companionship in Leeds. Our meticulous selection and verification process, conducted by seasoned experts, guarantees your safety and ensures your utmost satisfaction.

We are devoted to your happiness, guiding you with unwavering dedication from the moment of booking to the culmination of your perfect rendezvous. Our focus is on you and you alone - because nothing matters to us more than your contentment.

About Our Leeds Models

Our gallery stands as a testament to unparalleled beauty and diversity, a celestial collection of the finest Leeds ladies. Each individual, a masterpiece in her own right, is guaranteed to make your most coveted desires a reality. So, what is it you’re looking for in an elite Leeds companion?

From the vivacious energy of fiery redheads to the understated elegance of graceful brunettes, our lineup is a vibrant mosaic of personalities and appearances. We’re talking the infectious zest of our bubbly blondes; the refined grace of petite and tall models; the worldly charm of international beauties from the far reaches of Russia to the exotic appeal of Asia - you name it.

Head on over to our Gallery Page and see for yourself; the VIP Leeds model of your desires is just a click away.

About Our Escort Services On Offer

Our array of services is as varied as the desires they aim to fulfil. The question is, what are looking for in a good time with an elite companion?

Are you seeking the intimate warmth of a passionate GFE companion… a gorgeous, exclusive lady with your needs in mind? Or perhaps you wish to explore uncharted territories of desire in the thrilling dominion of domination? Our elite companions in Leeds cater to every inclination and are more than eager to venture into the realms of unadulterated pleasure with you.

From the intrigue of roleplay to the delight of party companionship, from serene dinner dates to the adventure of travel – why settle for the mundane when a world of exquisite experiences awaits?

Incall or Outcall - Leeds Girls At Your Service

Whether amidst the pulsating heart of the city or the peaceful charm of its outskirts, our high-class ladies in Leeds will transform any setting into a backdrop for pleasure.

Choose the intimacy of an incall, welcoming you into the discreet sanctuaries of our elite companions, or the convenience of an outcall, bringing the essence of luxury directly to your doorstep. The city of Leeds becomes your playground, with our companions as your consummate guides to luxury and ecstasy.

Effortless Encounters

Booking with Roxette Companions is the very definition of easy... a seamless gateway to the adventures that await.

A rendezvous with our Leeds marvels is but a call or a click away: reach out to us at 01138774623 or via WhatsApp on 07394800873, utilise our online booking form, or send an email to [email protected]. Detail your envisioned encounter, and let us handle the rest. 

Join the Elite

Looking to join the elite world of high-class companionship in Leeds? Roxette Companions opens its doors to those who embody elegance, professionalism, and the art of seduction. Start your journey with us by submitting your application through our website, and prepare to embark on a career that's both rewarding and exhilarating. Who knows? The next knock on the door could be an adventure waiting to happen.

Welcome aboard, let the curtains rise, and may your adventure with Roxette Companions be a dazzling and unforgettable experience. Here's to the beginning of something magical. 

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